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Today's Wordle Answer (#461) - September 23, 2022
You'll ascend to new heights if you manage to get this Wordle correct.
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You Can Now Grab A Game Handle For Your Netflix Account
Create your own public username for use in Netflix's mobile games.
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Pokemon Go Yveltal Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips
Kalos’ legendary bird returns to five-star raids in Pokemon Go from September 27 - October 8, 2022.
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Apex Legends Mobile's Next Update Is Called Aftershow And Arrives Next Month
The contents of the new update haven't yet been made clear, making the fact that it's been given an official quite perplexing.
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500 Xbox Games Discounted In Huge New Sale
Far Cry 6, Untitled Goose Game, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and more are getting big price cuts.
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Get A Free Game With Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller
The white Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller released last week, so this is a great deal.
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World Of Warcraft Player Manages To Hit Level 80 Just 9 Hours After Wrath Classic Released
The player was able to do so thanks to a reliable grind spot present in the original version of the expansion.
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Verizon and Razer Are Making A 5G Handheld Mobile Gaming Device
On the heels of the Logitech G Cloud announcement, another handheld gaming device has been teased.
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Return To Monkey Island For PC Is Already Discounted
The long-awaited adventure game normally costs $25, but you can get a Steam key for less with this promo code.
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Lost Ark Machinist Update Brings The Big Guns September 28: Full Patch Notes
Server merges, a new high-tech class, and a raid full of killer clowns await players in the Rage with the Machinist update.
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Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder: Seasonal Challenges Guide Week 6
Here's how challenges work and what's asked of you during Destiny 2's Season 18.
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Apex Legends Mobile - Deathmatch Mayhem Event Guide
The new TDM-based event rewards participating players with free loot, including a unique new Fade cosmetic skin.
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CoD: MW2 Beta Feedback Being Explored Includes Visibility, Disbanded Lobbies, And More
Infinity Ward will look into creating disbandment lobbies, footstep audio tweaks, and better enemy visibility.
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