CoD: MW2 Beta Feedback Being Explored Includes Visibility, Disbanded Lobbies, And More


After the end of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II's beta session on September 26, Infinity Ward acknowledged player feedback and stated it will look into making changes accordingly for the full release on October 28.

Infinity Ward's blog post touched on three primary changes it's looking for solutions to: balancing enemy and friendly foostep audio, better visual tracking of enemies, and creating disbanding lobbies. Past Call of Duty titles have included disbanding lobbies, but MWII doesn't have the function. It's something players expressed desire for, saying disbanding lobbies made making friends or staying with the same group easier.

Infinity Ward didn't promise disbandment lobbies, but said it's something the dev team considers important and are "actively looking for solutions to."

Enemy visibility has also been another big topic of discussion among MWII players. Reddit user dynamicflashy created a highly upvoted post that asked for the return of enemy nameplates. Infinity Ward, however, said it's looking to improve enemy visibility that doesn't solely rely on traditional nameplates.

Players also noted the high volume of footstep audio, leading to what some players feel like is too much punishment for slight movement and walking. In response, Infinity Ward promised it will continue to tweak the footstep audio balance.

Regarding the Third Person Playlist, Infinity Ward also said it's making refinements to it, along with tweaks to Ground War and Invasion modes.

Modern Warfare II releases on October 28, but players who preorder can get early access and start the campaign as early as October 20. Modern Warfare II will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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