PlayStation's New Loyalty Program Rolls Out October 5 For North America


PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that anybody with a PlayStation account can join, and it launches quite soon. It does not require a PlayStation Plus membership and will first debut in Asia on September 29, North and South America on October 5, and Europe and Australia on October 13.

PlayStation Stars works by rewarding players who complete campaigns and activities like a Monthly Check-in campaign--essentially just playing any game--or earning specific Trophies. For example, one of PlayStation Stars' first campaigns is called Play/1994, a feature that asks players to launch the correct game when an audio cue is played.

Rewards include loyalty points and digital collectibles that are, notably, not NFTs. Loyalty points can be exchanged for PSN wallet funds or select PlayStation store products. Digital collectibles are figurines from franchises, items from Sony's history, and more, which can be displayed in the PlayStation app. They can't be sold, traded, and do not use any blockchain technology.

There are four status levels in PlayStation Stars, determined by the number of non-common Trophies you obtain and the number of full game purchases in the PlayStation store. The higher the status level, the more rewards and benefits you get.

As for those who do have PlayStation Plus memberships, subscription payments do count towards loyalty points.

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